Plastics Manufacturing

The Customer

The company is a $125 million plastics processor (thermoforming, extrusion, rotomolding) and manufacturer of recreational equipment.

The Challenge

  • The customer historically used operating cash flow to rent trailers for temporary storage of their ever-increasing inventories. The need for additional inventory storage was most critical during their annual pre-selling season cash crunch and they were seeking financing for 16 year old trailers to meet the storage need.
  • The company wanted to realize a 100% ROI from equipment acquisition in approximately 18 months. 
  • The second equipment requirement was for new thermoforming machines and associated equipment.
  • On both transactions, the customer needed to preserve cash during their cash-tight months until inventory could be sold.
  • Additionally, the customer had substantial credit capacity issues with their senior lender obstructing their ability to attain additional capital.

Done Deal.

  • For their trailer needs, First National helped turn a high rental expense into an EBITDA improvement by structuring a capital lease on aged trailers.
  • Additionally, a CAPEX line of credit was established to fund these trailers in multiple schedules/tranches as they became available to ensure a process with fewer invoices and saving countless hours of administrative reconciliations and paperwork.
  • The thermoforming project (including soft costs) was financed managing a 6 month lead time.
  • First National was able to fund with progress payments so the customer could preserve their cash until the inventory was sold.
  • On both transactions, we were able to provide the additional capacity denied with their senior lender, improve cash flows, preserve cash, increase ROI and reduce administrative burden.

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