Waste Hauler

The Customer

Private Equity-backed Waste Hauler with over $500 Million in revenue

The Challenge

  • Multiple company acquisitions over the previous 12 months meant underwriting “muddy” financials.
  • Reliance on one-time EBITDA add-backs to hit financial covenants.
  • Recent increase in leverage and upcoming debt maturities
  • Covenants are in place limiting their ability to take on additional debt.
  • Major restructuring in the waste management space with potential to lose large contracts.
  • PE Group is seeking to exit in the next 24 months.
  • Annual capex roughly 25% of revenue
  • Vendors needed to be paid ASAP to get trucks titled and on the road.

Done Deal.

  • Structured the transaction to where it was off balance sheet to avoid busting covenants while also reducing any impacts to EBITDA.
  • Provided Pre-payment terms at various months throughout the lease to give flexibility in case of an Exit or Sale by the PE Group.
  • Provided over $50MM in capex finance with additional capacity still available.
  • Customer visits and deep understanding of the industry helped First National Capital get comfortable when others were not able to.

Rapid Expansion

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