First National Capital Case Study


The customer is a half billion dollar distributor of auto parts located in Minnesota, throughout the Midwest, and in the Western United States. The company was founded in 1945 and currently has over 110 locations in 19 states. The corporate office is located in Saint Paul, MN and is a leading provider of parts and services to dealerships, professional service centers, and wholesale distributors.


The company was faced with the large capital investment of acquiring a Citation X aircraft to better suit their needs. At the same time, they had recently lost a major customer, which resulted in declining trends in revenue and profitability.


First National was successful at providing a more aggressive rate than the customer’s primary bank relationship. The competitive financing was secured while taking time to understand the story behind the loss of a major customer and how the company was on its way to restore lost revenue and profitability. Overcoming a challenge like this cannot be understood simply by looking at a company’s historical financial statements, but rather by visiting the customer, understanding their business and needs, listening and underwriting historic and future events. First National listens, understands and underwrites to just to where you are…but where you are going.

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