Getting I.T. done.

With the explosion of cloud computing, IOT, mobile applications and tablet technologies, the capital requirements of technology continue to be on the rise. Add the customer experience impact of e-commerce and heightened risks of data security, cost and flexibility to refresh can dominate executive dialog. When identifying IT investments that can drive profitable growth through accelerated and innovative product delivery, count on First National Capital’s team of technology experts to assist in the proper financial solution.

Solutions as Flexible as You Are

Our managers have extensive experience in IT, IOT, telecommunications, semi-conductor and enterprise software implementations, SAS and software only financing. We can assist you in evaluating the product life-cycle and structuring the appropriate replacement strategy. We specialize in structuring GAAP qualified operating leases even on projects with high soft content.

We know how to structure flexible finance solutions that will help you stay on the leading edge of technological innovation, manage your financial ratios, leverage IT, IOT investments to enhance operations and allow you to remain competitive as technology continues to advance.

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