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First National specializes in capital needs that reach beyond the limitations of traditional lending. Click on the icons below to learn more.

Financing Rapid Growth & Expansion

What happens when the capital needs required to fuel your future outpace the performance of the past?

Traditional lenders make decisions almost exclusively on trailing performance. First National reaches further and digs deeper. Our unique funding structure allows for deep consideration of new business, growth strategies, and projected outcomes. We want to be a capital resource for where you’re headed and not just where you’ve been.

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Funding Amidst Business Cycle Volatility

What happens when capital needs conflict with economic headwinds and difficult performance trends?

Traditional lenders are regulated heavily and steered toward a conservative nature that doesn’t align with lending into volatility. First National has a unique ability to get many of these deals done. Having funded mid-sized and large companies facing performance headwinds for nearly twenty years, you can trust our commitment to seek solutions where traditional lending seeks an exit.

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Soft Collateral & Project Funding

What happens when capital projects and expenditures are beyond your bank’s definition of collateral?

Traditional lenders often limit capital availability or tighten structure when they don’t understand the projects or assets that require funding. This area is a specialty at First National. From plant expansions to new product lines to proprietary software investments, we can deliver highly competitive, flexible capital solutions that preserve delicate bank relationships, cash positions, and revolver capacity.

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Complementary CapEx Funding

What happens when you need creativity and flexibility beyond the bank group for capital expenditures?

Need a longer amortization? Structured finance or lease term? Need to move fast to take advantage of supply chain gaps? What about a “put” option on an operating lease for a volatile customer contract? Most of these flexibilities are beyond the reach of traditional lenders or add unnecessary pressure to revolver relationships. First National can act as a complementary source of capital adding value to the capstack while leaving delicate bank relationships undisturbed.

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