Healthcare Provider

The Customer

The company is a national healthcare service provider with more than 30,000 employees and physicians dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare.

The Challenge

  • The customer had millions in overdue invoices (6 -9 months old) with equipment vendors due to a leasing company’s inability to provide committed financing for their specialized IT collateral at 15 different hospitals.
  • This created a number of pressing issues, including a “hold” on delivery and activation of this product for their other facilities which was instrumental for them to properly record usage of their pharmaceutics and products.
  • This situation also presented a possible “double taxation” which would result in six-figure additional expenses.
  • The customer’s hospital acquisition history involved inheriting multiple lender’s UCC filings against their company.
  • Also, many key contacts in the finance group were shuffled within the organization to other groups, which created a lack of continuity and challenging communication.

Done Deal.

  • First National provided more than a $6MM credit approval for these specialized assets under a structure that eliminated the double taxation and the accompanying financial penalty. 
  • Within a short period, First National was able to get the customer current with the vendor, ahead of all UCC’s, and maintained constant dialogue with the supplier.  
  • We are now a preferred financing option for the vendor as well.
  • Our administrative team alongside the customer’s legal team helped amend or terminate 20 +UCC’s to allow lenders to perfect their security interest into their collateral without additional required paperwork.

Soft Collateral & Project Finance Case Studies

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