Plastics Mfg

The Customer Plastics manufacturer providing a suite of stackable storage bins. The Challenge Emerging from Chapter 11 three years prior to purchase by PE owner Large CAPEX requirement to meet existing customers’ new demand and attain profitability Rising resin costs further challenge margin profile Requested to leverage proprietary molds to generate working capital (an asset […]

Contract Drilling Company

The Customer The company provides contract drilling services to energy companies primarily in the Permian Basin in Texas and in the Oklahoma oil fields. The customer provides drill rigs on contract complete with labor, servicing and power based on a daily rate for the contract. The Challenge As oil industry conditions swiftly changed, bank support […]

Aviation: A BBJ VIP and A Foreign Parent Company

The Customer A leading fiberglass pool manufacturer in the United States, servicing both domestic and international markets, faced a challenge when they needed to upgrade their corporate jet. The company had grown exponentially, and their CEO required additional range and lift to expand their business. However, due to their non-US parent company and the owner’s […]

Medical Equipment Manufacturing

The Customer A medical equipment manufacturing company faced several challenges when it first approached First National Capital for funding. Despite having unique equipment such as fillers and cleaning rooms, traditional banks hesitated to finance their business. However, with the help of First National Capital, Quva Pharma was able to secure funding and continue to expand […]

Data Center

The Customer The customer is an International Data Center. This company uses its wide range of locations to help minimize ping for its customers around the world. This creates a challenge, as they continue to invest in more locations across the globe. The Challenge They were looking to maximize liquidity. They only had some domestic […]

Port Operator

The Customer Large Port Operator in the South East part of the US that loads and offloads containers onto cargo ships. The company engages in stevedoring and marine terminal operations on behalf of container shipping companies – these services include: lifting containers on and off customers’ vessels docked at the Port’s berths and short-term storage […]

Food Processing

The Customer Large food and beverage operation was seeking $42MM to expand with equipment and infrastructure in support of growing contracts with major retail outlets. The Challenge Acquiring equipment from 7 different vendors and managing project disbursements. Nearly $1B in Revenue, EBITDA positive, but DSCR below 1.0x Large customer concentrations Very fast turnaround with impending […]

Waste Hauler

The Customer Private Equity-backed Waste Hauler with over $500 Million in revenue The Challenge Multiple company acquisitions over the previous 12 months meant underwriting “muddy” financials. Reliance on one-time EBITDA add-backs to hit financial covenants. Recent increase in leverage and upcoming debt maturities Covenants are in place limiting their ability to take on additional debt. […]

Contract Manufacturer

The Customer Contract manufacturer – Canned beverage manufacturer/Co-packer The Challenge Newly formed company (less than three years in business) Very little historical revenue & historical losses Large CapEx requirement needed to fulfill new customer contracts ($17MM) Rapid growth with minimal liquidity & no working capital LOC Majority owner did not want to personal guarantee. 12 […]

Food Distribution – TPO

The Customer The company is a family-owned, food distribution business serving both local and regional customers to a wide variety of retail trade centers, restaurants, food processors, among others. As the company continues to grow, the customer was seeking $1.25MM in financing for the buildout of a cold storage freezer system for the purposes of […]