Data Center

The Customer

The customer is an International Data Center. This company uses its wide range of locations to help minimize ping for its customers around the world. This creates a challenge, as they continue to invest in more locations across the globe.

The Challenge

  • They were looking to maximize liquidity. They only had some domestic assets, but most of their assets are IT equipment (like servers, switches) in international locations with International vendors.

  • They are growing rapidly, and their financials (as far as leverage and operating expenses) are reflective of that.

Done Deal.

  • For the past few years, we have been supportive of their future capex, as well as releasing the trapped equity in the assets domestically as well as internationally. 

  • We have been able to prove ourselves as a valuable partner by continuing to support their ongoing needs, even as they evolve their business into more profitable data center/tech services sectors.

Rapid Expansion & Growth

For companies requiring capital to fuel growth beyond what traditional lending can justify.

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