Medical Equipment Manufacturing

The Customer

A medical equipment manufacturing company faced several challenges when it first approached First National Capital for funding. Despite having unique equipment such as fillers and cleaning rooms, traditional banks hesitated to finance their business. However, with the help of First National Capital, Quva Pharma was able to secure funding and continue to expand its business.

The Challenge

  • When the company approached First National Capital for funding, they were a startup company facing several challenges.
  • Traditional banks were hesitant to fund their business due to their unique equipment and the high cost of manufacturing medical supplies.
  • The company needed a financing partner who would understand its business and provide a flexible funding solution.

Done Deal.

  • First National Capital worked closely with the company to understand their business needs and provided them with a customized leasing solution.
  • Over the years, First National Capital has financed over five lease schedules totaling $7 million.
  • The company is so pleased with First National’s performance that they have reached out to open another schedule and are seeking more approval for their 2023 leasing needs.

Rapid Expansion

For companies requiring capital to fuel growth beyond what traditional lending can justify. Explore more case studies of companies facing these challenges by clicking below.

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