Port Operator

The Customer

Large Port Operator in the South East part of the US that loads and offloads containers onto cargo ships. The company engages in stevedoring and marine terminal operations on behalf of container shipping companies – these services include: lifting containers on and off customers’ vessels docked at the Port’s berths and short-term storage and care of these containers in the company’s facility

The Challenge

  • The port was running out of space and needed to purchase RTGs to increase the height containers could be stacked and therefore free up space.

  • Regular electrified RTG’s and UTR’s will transform the port to a more technologically efficient terminal, materially increasing capacity and exponentially increasing profitability while decreasing their carbon footprint.

Done Deal.

  • First National Capital worked with this company for over three years and during the pandemic they evaluated their needs and all the various financing options. 

  • The company explored both on and off balance sheets during a time when companies were making the switch from FASB-13 to IFRS 16.

Complementary CapEx Funding

Highly competitive, flexible CapEx funding that complements senior lending relationships.  

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